"Delivered Up"

During the fall semester of 2009, Mr. Nathan Crockett of the Bible faculty here at Bob Jones University preached a sermon entitled "The Greatest Day In History." This is the day that the ultimate sacrifice for sin was made, when Christ was delivered up to die.

The people involved in Christ's death all had different reasons for delivering Him up. Judas wanted money, the priest envied Him, Pilate feared the Jews; all of these had a part in delivering Christ up to die. But the ultimate reason that God's Son was delivered up to die was that God loved us! 

Here are the lyrics and the sheet music for "Delivered Up":

"Delivered Up"

Judas delivered up my Lord
Because he wanted wealth,
Gave Him up to the Roman sword;
He chose to please himself.

The priests delivered up the Lamb
Because they envied Him.
Then before Pilate's throne they came:
Would he give Christ to them?

Pilate delivered up the King
Because he feared the Jews.
Throughout his courts their cries did ring;
Their bidding he would do.

But God delivered up His Son
Because He loved my soul;
The perfect, spotless, righteous One
Was sent to make me whole!

Christ was delivered up to die
That I might live with Him on high;
Forever in that land above,
I will sing of my Savior’s love.

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  1. Hey guys! :-D
    The blog looks super great! And so does the music, unfortunately I have NO idea how to read music. LOL haha I play guitar and sing, yet I've never known how to read music. :-P the words are great though! :-D
    How are y'all doing these days? I hope all is well. God Bless!
    ~Rachel <3