"Jesus, Loving Shepherd"

Throughout scripture, and particularly in the Psalms, we see the picture of Christ as our Shepherd. Perhaps the most well known of all Psalms, Psalm 23, is completely focused on this concept. In Isaiah, all men are referred to as sheep that have gone astray. In our newest song "Jesus, Loving Shepherd," the picture of Christ saving us and leading us in our Christian lives is beautifully portrayed in a blend of text and music. Here are the lyrics:

"Jesus Loving Shepherd"

Jesus loving Shepherd, Keeper of my soul,
By Your grace I’ve been redeemed, Your blood has made me whole.
I was held in sin’s dominion, without God, a rebel wild;
Yet You left Your Father’s paradise to make this wretch His Child.

Though You gave Your all for me my lost soul to win,
Yet I still so often stray, turn back to paths of sin.
But Your love is all around me, it will never let me go;
It will always bring me back again, new depths of grace to know.

Rugged is the way I tread, mighty is my Foe,
Yet Your calming presence, near, protects me as I go.
In Your strength I’ll be victorious, though in sorrow’s realm I roam;
Through the perils on the path of life, Your love will lead me home.

Jesus, loving Shepherd, ever faithful Friend
I am Yours forever, sealed sure unto the end!
All earth’s conflicts, then in glory, shall be mine no more to fight;
When at last I see Your blessed face, all shall be ceaseless light!

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  1. cool Ethan! I stumbled across this, and I'm glad I did!


  2. cool Ethan! I stumbled across this, and I'm glad I did!