"He Will Make His Mountains a Way"

Our newest missions hymn "He Will Make His Mountains a Way" owes its conception to a line spoken by Tim Keesee in Frontline Mission's 2nd episode of  Dispatches from the Front. (See the trailer below) Hampton Park Baptist Church showed the entire DVD during an evening service last year. 
A Bold Advance from Dispatches From The Front on Vimeo.

"He Will Make His Mountains a Way"

 I gaze across this valley,
And I see a thousand lost souls;
My heart cries out in agony,
"O  how will they all be told?"

He will make His mountains a way
For these to come and revere.
Shout for joy, rejoice and say
“The comfort of God now is here.”
For now is the accepted hour,
Our redemption soon draws near.
Reach sinners in the Spirit’s power;
Spare no bitter tears.
When I reach my eternal place
By the throne these souls I’ll see,
Redeemed by God’s atoning grace,

Ransomed and set free.
So shine the gospel light today
Into the night so broad and deep.
Preach to the dying life, and pray;
Follow the Spirit’s lead.

Click here to download PDF. Click here to download demo soundtrack.

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  1. This is a wonderful song :)
    Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Hope you are having an awesome semester so far.