I Trust in You

“I Trust In You” was written as the Lord worked in our hearts  concerning the chaos and uncertainty in the world around us right now.  We hope it will be a blessing to you!

Click here for a demo recording of the piano accompaniment.

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The fear that grips the world around me
The doubt the drives it to despair
The power of the dark is broken
Christ’s triumph now is mine to share

Lord You have been my shield and fortress
And You have been my one defense
So I will trust Your lovingkindness
My heart will ever be at rest.

I will not fear the gathering darkness
I will not dread the deepest night
My hope is anchored in Your goodness
My spirit lifted by Your light!

I trust in You my righteousness!
I trust in You my strong defense!
My heart is fixed upon your Name
My mouth proclaims Your glory and fame!

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