Jesus Said "Come!"

Jesus Said "Come!"

David fell into the pit of darkest, deepest sin, 
Causing his beloved child to go to God in heaven.
Though it was his father's sin that caused the child his pain,
David knew, when he was gone, he'd be with him again. (2 Samuel 12:15-23)

Jesus walked the rugged roads of Israel's promised land,
Saw his little ones refused His gracious, loving hand.
Then He said "Forbid them not! Let children come to Me -
To enter in my heavenly place, like children you must be." (Matthew 19:13-15)

When we heard the news of your sweet heartbeat, then we knew
God had blessed us both with the most precious gift of you!
Yet He gave and took away - our hearts were torn in two;
But we found hope and confidence in this sustaining truth:


Jesus said "Come!" Jesus called! 
Jesus took our little one into His everlasting arms.
Though in this fallen world of sin, our hearts are broken now;
One day He will return and then - we'll go to them in Heav'n. 

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